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Jul 24, 2023
From Divide-and-Conquer to Unite and Thrive Using the “Adjacent Possible” to Get Us from the ...
Jul 13, 2022
The Secret War to Occupy Your Mind
May 30, 2022
What America Do You Want to Live In? A Story of Political Evolution
Mar 31, 2022
The Common Sense Party -- An Uncommonly Sensible Way to Get Government on the Side of The People
Feb 27, 2022
'Bite-Size Excerpt' Developmental Politics: How America Can Grow into a Better Version of Itself
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Oct 31, 2021
The Lost People HIGHLIGHTS
Feb 1, 2022
Habits of Unity – Changing Our Country and the World One Citizen at a Time
Nov 15, 2021
Living Room Conversations with Joan Blades HIGHLIGHTS
Feb 7, 2022
Habits of Unity – Intentional Evolution from Human to Humane
Jan 3, 2022
We’ve Boiled It Down for You!
Nov 29, 2021
From the Illusion of Separation to Kinship and Reunion Seven Foundational Conversations
Nov 29, 2021
Part 2 – How the “Lost People” Can Find Themselves by Finding One Another
Front and Center
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Front and Center: Writing Our New Story Together

Conversations with leaders who bring people from all sides together in purposeful dialogue so we can develop a shared vision of the world we want to live in.

Steve Bhaerman and Michael Maxsenti conduct interviews that will work to deepen and expand our understandings.

These conversations will get us off the political battlefields and onto cooperative playing fields. There we can create the new story that our hearts know is possible.